European Spring 2006

After I got home from my Round the World trip, I realized that I was a little tired (I blame it on insufficient Vitamin B!) and decided my next trip should be more restful. I signed up for a Rick Steves' tour of Greece with the intent of letting someone else do the work. But then my wanderlust set in, and I planned a six week ramble across Europe on the way to Greece.

The first time I planned to visit mainland Greece, as an add-on to a tour of Turkey, I wound up hopping around on crutches with my right ankle in plaster. Since I was the designated driver for Greece, we had to cancel that part of the trip.

The author in the Slovakian Tatras

This time, after thoroughly enjoying London, Annecy and Montreux, I fell and broke my left wrist in Murren. Two wonderful British couples rushed to my rescue, and the doctors at the Interlaken hospital pinned the bone back together for me, but I couldn't continue to travel alone. I am happy to be able to report that my medivac insurance (Traveler's Emergency Network) got me home.

I thought that perhaps I was not supposed to visit Greece? Or perhaps a third time would be the charm? After the more painful months of physical therapy were behind me, I started planning again. This time I would START in Greece. Or almost - a friend and I took the train to Washington for the weekend, then I flew to London for one night before boarding an Olympic Airlines flight to Thessaloniki.

Aside from the tour-guide-from-hell in Romania, the need to bribe the Transnistria border guards, and some less than ideal weather, the trip was a great success. Although I limped a fair amount, I did manage to complete this trip without needing a doctor.

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